While the World Health Assembly hits its first online edition, I can only remember President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele´sstatement during the 74th United Nations General Assembly in regards of our necessity to transform the old ways into the new means of interconnectivity and further achieve globalization.

COVID-19 has left us scared, anxious and fearful, but it has left us many lessons to be studied and learn upon and hope to grow upon a better world.

We have learned to adapt as no species has ever done before, and technology has advanced dramatically for the good of mankind, moreover, humanity has learned to sync and target mutual goals for the benefit of all.

We now understand the importance of working together and the price of indifference, as the old dilemma of Friedman´s shareholder versus Freeman´s stakeholder, we understand how complex problems can only be tackled through all relevant sectors, all relevant stakeholders uniting their efforts into achieving common goals.

As for me, a frontline health worker, I have been reminded of what it meant to be scared of death from disease, I have fought TB, HIV, Malaria, Ebola and other diseases, however this time is different, never in the history of the World Health Organization has there been such a pandemic, never had I thought during my years of study that there would be a disease that would infect all countries of the world so fast, but never in the history of mankind has there been such inspiring international cooperation, communication and empathy.

We have witnessed the price of science being put behind politics and the high price this represents and that global threats have no political will, borders or differences between each other.

This lesson will ripple into history for years to come, as an example of dedication and courage, a bulletless war frontline healthworkers faced everyday in Italy, Spain and France, knowing they may never see their families again, working tirelessly at the risk of life, above and beyond their call of duty, doing their absolute best to gift a new day to a wounded fellow human being.

During the year of the Nurse and Midwife, I remain speechless at the gallantry and bravery they showed in Guayaquil, Ecuador, in Guerrero, Mexico, entering the fight without proper (or any) Personal Protective Equipment, knowing full well they have crossed the line of safety forever to give them one more breath, one more day.

While COVID-19 will be controlled in the near future, other threats will endanger us further, this year, the United Nations Ocean Conference has been postponed and life saving messages may not wait for long, Ocean Health will soon succumb to greed and indifference, we need to implement such means of coordination into bigger and yet forgotten threats, such as Tuberculosis and Antimicrobial Resistance or Climate Change.

Humanity has also been reminded of the huge importanceinvesting in R&D has into solving complex issues, from the very basic science to provide key information to early detect, prevent and understand key mechanisms of replicability and sustainability, and recognizing the value of translational science and the challenges it poses into placing life-saving medication into the market. Regulation is always a frustrating matter when talking innovation, but let this lesson remind us of the importance of safety, efficacy and quality and shall they always come first when developing novel diagnostic tools and therapeutic agents.

We have exactly 10 years left before we deliver results to each other, we find ourselves at the inflection point of our future, we have to make a bigger promise to each other, to never let this happen again, to strengthen scientific diplomacy, we can no longer rely only on decision-makers to make a change in the world, the task has been given to every single one of us at hand, and it is our duty to achieve these goals together.


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